Centre for Positive Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies (CPPIS)

  The Positive Philosophy

Centre for Positive Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies (CPPIS) Pehowa (Kurukshetra)

Courses of Study and Focus Areas

CPPIS has a future plan to start some correspondence courses. Within this the main area will be applied aspects of philosophy. An online course available on the following page:

A Class-Room Introduction to Logic (since 2009)


Elements of Philosophy


 A new Certificate Course on Research Methodology in Philosophy will be start soon.



The Centre?s main areas of research are given below:

ü      Meta-philosophy and Philosophical Research Methodology

ü       Applied Philosophy and Applied Ethics

ü       Indian Social and Political Philosophy

ü      Indian Psychology and Consciousness Studies

ü      Indian Logic and Science

ü      Philosophy of Social Change and Social Progress

ü      History of Development of Philosophy in India

ü      Philosophy of Science and Technology

ü      Indian Philosophy of Art and Literature

ü      Indian Value System and Philosophy of Education

ü      Philosophy of Cognitive Science and Philosophical Psychology

ü      Indian Spirituality and Philosophy of Religion

ü      Philosophy for Children

ü      Philosophy of Social Sciences and Humanities

ü      History of World Philosophies